Honest and reliable Open Access Journals in Open and Distance Education

OpenAccessWeekMost readers are aware that under the current publishing market model, the only organisations profiting from publishing scientific research are large corporations or predatory independent publishers that charge high rates to authors for Article Processing Charges (APCs) and/or that charge libraries high subscription fees to provide digital (not printed) access to articles, in order to make them somehow available to the readers (see the cost of academic publishing).

I love the concept of openness, because it’s all about sharing good practices, ideas and making research accessible for everyone everywhere, democratising access to knowledge and information. So, in order to celebrate Open Access Week, I compiled a very short list of journals that are fully open access and that do not charge the authors for publishing with them. This for me is key, as while I was doing my PhD I was able to publish my research in some of these journals without having to pay for APCs and to access all their articles without my having to pay (or my library having to pay) for subscription.

The list of journals I give below can make life much better for early-career researchers and for those researchers that do not work in academia, that want to get their research in open education published in high quality journals, and that want to conduct research where libraries cannot afford to pay for subscriptions. The list should also be of great help to the increasing number of independent researchers outside higher education institutions.

What is important to me are the editorial values of these journals: they are supported by international universities and organisations, they do not aim at profiting in any way, they have excellent editorial boards, they are well indexed and finally, they have speedy publishing times, which is beneficial both for authors and readers.

** JL4D recommended by Professor Alan Tait @AlanTait 

** JOLR & JOLT recommended by Robert Farrow @philosopher1978 from @OER_hub

Directory of OER repositories

Last update: 6th August 2014 –

Thanks to @OERhub team@nopiedra –  for sharing the data collected in their projects 

After weeks and weeks digging on the internet, reviewing hundreds of OER initiatives, projects, blogs and hashtags, and also harassing other OER enthusiasts and experts in twitter, I managed to develop a first version of a directory of OER repositories.

This version only includes the name of the repository, the URL and the country of the initiative and there are 73 OER repositories associated. If you know any other, if you see that I’m missing one (or many), if you are developing one, or you have any feedback, ideas or comments, please contact me on twitter @jatenas, as your input is really important for me.

I deliberatively did not include OWC, Institutional Repositories (articles, reports, thesis), ITunesU, MOOC initiatives, Open TextBooks, OpenAccess Repositories, sets of content that are not under CC licences such as BBC, or hybrid content repositories because this research is based on repositories of Open Educational Resources only.

Thanks to Andreas Link @elearning4, Abel Caine @abelcaine, Leo Havemann @leohavemann and Francisco Rojas @frojas_sateler for sharing resources and ideas.

Also thanks to (list growing):  @fagottissimo; @JanPawlowski@gildevic; @actwww; @fredgarnett; @curtrice; @ernestopriego;  @sarahthesheepu; @dkernohan; @alacre

See the directory here:

Name: Academic Earth
URL: http://academicearth.org/
Country: United States

Name: African Health OER Network
URL: http://www.oerafrica.org/healthoer
Country: Kenya

Name: Aljazeera creative commons repository
URL: http://cc.aljazeera.net/
Country: Qatar

Name: Almae Matris Studiorum Campus
URL: http://campus.unibo.it/
Country: Italy

Name: Ariadne
URL: http://www.ariadne-eu.org/
Country: European Union

Name: Banco de iten
URL: http://bi.gave.min-edu.pt/
Country: Portugal

Name: Banco de Objetos de Aprendizaje
URL: http://aplicaciones.virtual.unal.edu.co/drupal/?q=node/34
Country: Colombia

Name: Banco Internacional de Objetos Educacionais
URL: http://objetoseducacionais2.mec.gov.br
Country: Brazil

Name: Centro de Recursos para la Enseñanza y el Aprendizaje (CREA)
URL: http://www.crea.udg.mx/
Country: Mexico

Name: CChemCollective
URL: http://www.chemcollective.org/
Country: United Stated

Name: Commonwealth of Learning
URL: http://www.col.org/
Country: Canada

Name: Connexions
URL: http://cnx.org/
Country: United States

Name: Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education
URL: http://www.causeweb.org
Country: United States

Name: CSTC (Computing Science Teaching Center)
URL: http://www.cstc.org/
Country: United States

Name: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon
URL: http://capl.washjeff.edu
Country: United States

Name: Curriki
URL: http://welcome.curriki.org/
Country: United States

Name: Desarrolla, Aprende y Reutiliza (DAR)
URL: http://catedra.ruv.itesm.mx/
Country: Mexico

Name: Digiref
URL: http://www.digiref.se/index.php
Country: Sweden

Name: Digital Library for Earth System Education
URL: http://www.dlese.org/library/
Country: United States

Name: DUDA dk
URL: http://www.duda.dk
Country: Denmark

Name: Economics Network Online Learning and Teaching Materials
URL: http://www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk/links/othertl.htm
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Edu Fi
URL: http://www.edu.fi
Country: Finland

Name: Educar Chile
URL: http://www.educarchile.cl
Country: Chile

Name: Eduteka
URL: http://www.eduteka.org/
Country: Colombia

Name: eGyankosh
URL: http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/
Country: India

Name: EMU Danmarks lærninrsportal
URL: http://www.emu.dk/tema/kultur-og-læring
Country: Denmark

Name: Escuela virtual de Padres
URL: http://www.web-familias.com/
Country: Spain

Name: Everything Maths
URL: http://everythingmaths.co.za/
Country: South Africa

Name: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
URL: http://www.free.ed.gov/index.cfm
Country: United States

Name: First World War Poetry Digital Archive
URL: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ww1lit/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: FREIburger Multimedia Object Repository
URL: http://freimore.uni-freiburg.de/
Country: Germany

Name: Geoscience Data Repository
URL: http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/earth-sciences/home
Country: United States

Name: Hum Box
URL: http://humbox.ac.uk/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: I Cleen
Country: Italy

Name: I-Berry
URL: http://iberry.com/
Country: United States

Name: IG2 – Intergeo
URL: http://i2geo.net/
Country: Germany

Name: Ilumina
URL: http://www.ilumina-dlib.org
Country: United States

Name: Interoperable Interactive Geometry for Europe (I2Geo)
URL: http://igeo.net
Country: Germany

Name: ITSON repositorio de objetos de aprendizaje
URL: http://biblioteca.itson.mx/oa/principal.htm
Country: Mexico

Name: Jorum
URL: http://www.jorum.ac.uk/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Kursnavet
URL: http://www.kursnavet.se/
Country: Sweden

Name: La Flor (Laclo)
URL: http://laflor.laclo.org/
Country: Undefined (Latin America)

Name: Lab Space
URL: http://labspace.open.ac.uk/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: LeMill
URL: http://lemill.net/
Country: Finland

Name: Maknaz
URL: http://maknaz.elc.edu.sa/
Country: Saudi Arabia

Name: Maricopa Learning Exchange
URL: http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/mlx/
Country: United States

Name: Matematica Mutimidia
URL: http://www.m3.mat.br/
Country: Brazil

Name: MathWorld
URL: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Materialeplatformen
Country: Denmark

Name: Matematikk
URL: http://www.matematikk.org
Country: Norway

Name: Merlot
URL: http://www.merlot.org
Country: United States

Name: National Learning Network
URL: http://www.nln.ac.uk/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
URL: http://nsdl.org/
Country: United States

URL: http://www.needs.org/
Country: United States

Name: NLDA
URL: http://ndla.no
Country: Norway

Name: NOER
URL: http://nroer.in/home/
Country: India

Name: OER Commons
URL: http://oercommons.org/
Country: United States

Name: OER Equella
URL: http://oer.equella.com/access/home.do
Country: United States

Name: OER Online Archive
URL: http://www.archive.org/
Country: Undefined

Name: Open Educational Resources (OER) Africa
URL: http://www.oerafrica.org/
Country: Kenia

Name: Open Educational Resources for Typography
URL: http://www.oert.org/
Country: Argentina

Name: OpenLearn
URL: http://www.open.edu/openlearn
Country: United Kingdom

Name: OpenLearnWare
URL: https://openlearnware.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de/
Country: Germany

Name: OpenMichigan
URL: http://open.umich.edu/
Country: United States

Name: Open Science Resources
URL: http://www.osrportal.eu/
Country: European Union

Name: Open UCT
URL: http://open.uct.ac.za
Country: South Africa

Name: Organic.Edunet Federation
URL: http://www.organic-edunet.eu/
Country: European Union

URL: http://ostrich.bath.ac.uk/taxonomy/term/49
Country: United Kingdom

Name: OTAN
URL: http://www.otan.us/
Country: United States

Name: Pearson Copyleft
URL: http://www.copyleftpearson.com.br
Country: Brazil

Name: Phet (Physics Education Technology)
URL: http://phet.colorado.edu/en/
Country: United States

Name: Portal das Escolas
URL: https://www.portaldasescolas.pt/
Country: Portugal

Name: Procomún
URL: http://procomun.educalab.es/comunidad/procomun
Country: Spain

Name: Recursos Educacionais Abertos Brasil
URL: http://rea.net.br/site/
Country: Brazil

Name: Repositorio de objetos de aprendizaje
URL: http://roa.mppeu.gob.ve/
Country: Venzuela

Name: Repositorio E-Learning
URL: http://e-repository.tecminho.uminho.pt/
Country: Portugal

Name: Restore
URL: http://www.restore.ac.uk
Country: United Kingdom

Name: RODA
URL: http://roda.culturaextremadura.com/
Country: Spain

Name: RRU Open Educational Resources
URL: http://oer.royalroads.ca/moodle/
Country: Canada

Name: RVP Metodicky Portal
URL: http://dum.rvp.cz/index.html
Country: Czech Republic

Name: Science Attic
URL: http://science-attic.org/
Country: Korea

Name: Skolresurser
URL: http://snar.fo
Country: Faroe Islands

Name: SNAR
URL: http://skolresurser.se
Country: Sweden

Name: Temoa
URL: http://www.temoa.info
Country: Mexico

Name: The Gateway
URL: http://www.thegateway.org/
Country: United States

Name: The Le@rning Federation
URL: http://www.ndlrn.edu.au/default.asp
Country: Australia

Name: The world lecture project
URL: http://www.world-lecture-project.org/
Country: Germany

URL: http://www.unitracc.com/
Country: Germany

Name: University of Leicester OER Repository
URL: http://www2.le.ac.uk/projects/oer
Country: United Kingdom

URL: http://vcampus.uom.ac.mu/lor/index.php?menu=1
Country: Mauritius

Name: Wikiwijs
URL: http://www.wikiwijs.nl/
Country: Netherlands

Name: Wisconsin Online Resource Center
URL: http://www.wisc-online.com/
Country: United States

Name: World History Sources
URL: http://chnm.gmu.edu/worldhistorysources/index.html
Country: United States

Name: Xpert
URL: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xpert/
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Zunia
URL: http://openeducation.zunia.org/
Country: United States

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