Case Studies: Call for Participation: Open Data as Open Educational Resources

Some time ago, Leo Havemann, Ernesto Priego and yours truly wrote a column for OKFN Open Education Group discussing the need to start including open data in teaching and learning activities as embedding the use of open datasets provides to the students access to the same raw materials scientist and policy makers use in their professional activities.

We believe that if students are allowed and encouraged to collaborate researching both at quantitative and qualitative level  solving real problems using data provided openly by governments and by scientist, and learning activities are facilitated between students, academics, PhDs and postdoctoral researchers, their experience can be enhanced by reducing the friction between stakeholders as independent research, teamwork and critical digital and data analysis skills are developed and improved.

Please read the full column here

We are currently inviting educators who use open data for teaching and learning to participate in a call for case studies which will be published in a open e-book (CC_BY_NC_SA) hosted by Open Knowledge Foundation Open Education Group by mid September 2015. Please see the full call for case studies here

Please see the full call here

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